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Bartholomew Simpson

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Just passed the 75 pound mark [Jun. 24th, 2008|01:09 pm]
Bartholomew Simpson
Still going strong in my quest to lose over 200 pounds.  I've actually started doing interval walking as per South Beach Diet Supercharged. 

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Way to do a redraw [Jun. 24th, 2008|01:01 pm]
Bartholomew Simpson

We are down to 24 players in the super for the main event (20 spots are getting a seat).  My table is full of short-stacks - including myself thanks to AK losing to AQ (Q - on the river of course) at 27 players when I still didn't have a lot of chips, but winning that hand gives me almost an average stack.  They do a table redraw since there is "suspected collusion" at the other tables with everyone just folding to the BB waiting for some of us to knock each other out.

So after the redraw, 7 of the 8 players from my table get moved TO THE SAME TABLE!!!

Oh, and I went out 23rd when KsJs couldn't suck out against pocket 9s even after a AsQc6s flop.

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Hand I was knocked out on in the 1K Borgata Open event [Jun. 16th, 2008|09:26 pm]
Bartholomew Simpson
Blinds are currently 400/800 with a 100 ante. Announcement has already been made that this is the last hand of this level. I am under the gun. Next hand I will be big blind for 1200 with a 200 ante.

I have TT.

I announce raise, and first put out the call for 800. I have a total of 10400.

4 people fold before I put out the raise. While I should take this into account, I really don't feel that it changes my decision.

I decide to jam.

The person who it is now up to starts yammering about the only reason I jammed was that I saw all the people who had now folded. He takes about two minutes and eventually decides to fold 99. He didn't show the hand, but claimed that's what he had and I believe that's what he had. After he was thinking and talking to himself for a minute, I figured that he had either a medium pair or was deciding on whether to call with a hand which would have been a coin-flip (seemed genuine debate, not hollywooding with a big hand). About the only hand I could see him debating and folding that had me crushed would have been JJ.

It gets down to the two blinds. The big blind, who had a lot of chips, would definitely have called with any two cards which would have been a flip (even QJ).

Unfortunately, the small blind, who was NOT calling with a coin flip (even AKs) calls, and I know I am in bad shape. He confirms it by turning over QQ.

I do not hit a miracle (someone earlier had doubled through him when it was all-in preflop with him having AA and the other person having KK), and IGHN.

The only thought in my mind (and NOT just based on the outcome) was whether or not making it 2500-3500 was a better play. I don't think so, but wouldn't mind some feedback.

To add a few thoughts:

If the person who debates pushes, I would have called.

I KNOW I'm a 4-1 dog if the person who was the small blind pushes and can decide if I want to take the odds to double up.

From Phil Gordon's pair principle, I'm going to run into a bigger pair 18% of the time UTG with TT. Even if you eliminate someone calling with JJ (several people at this table would have folded JJ), that makes it 13.5% of the time I will run into QQ, KK or AA. If you take into account that 4 people have already folded, I will run into QQ, KK, or AA 7.5% of the time. I don't mind a flip, so don't mind running into overcards.

Even under the best circumstance, if I make it 2500, and fold (pot would have been 14700 and I would have had to call another 7900) that would leave me with 7900, 1200 of which goes into the BB next hand.

Oh, and for those who might question how certain I could be that the small blind would not make the play with AK (although if I made it 2500 he likely would have called with AK), I am 99.9999999% certain that he would not have pushed with anything less than QQ. I don't like to say 100% for anything, but I have played with the person a decent amount the last few years and 99.9999999% seems right :)
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poker rules fun at the Borgata open Stud event [Jun. 16th, 2008|08:33 pm]
Bartholomew Simpson

It really shouldn't surprise me that no one knows the rules, especially for stud. But, for some reason, I actually expect dealers and floor people to know their own rules.

Last time I asked, I was told that there were no copies of the tournament rules available, "because there's a LOT of rules, we can't just hand out a copy to anyone who wants one." I am NOT making that up - that's what I was told. So, I don't know what the actual rule is at the Borgata, but I know what I would have done (misdeal).

A player's first downcard (2h) is dealt face-up. As far as I'm concerned, right then it's a misdeal, so nothing more would have happened. However, the hilarity ensued:
His second card was dealt face-down. No problem.
His third card (9h) was dealt face-up. OOPS.
Only now is the floor called.

Issues that were talked about amongst FIVE floor people (one by one they came over to help out as the ones already there didn't know what to do - only to realize that they didn't know what to do, either) over the course of about SEVEN minutes:

1) Is it a misdeal? They ruled NO.
1) Is the hand live? They ruled YES.
2) Is he the bring-in? First up-card would have made him the bring-in, second up-card would not have made him the bring-in. They ruled that he was NOT the bring-in.
3) If we make the hand live, and he plays, does he get his fourth street card face-down? They ruled YES.

It was amusing, sad, and frustrating all at the same time.
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Borgata Open [Jun. 16th, 2008|01:07 pm]
Bartholomew Simpson
I played in 4 events and cashed in one - came in 22nd in the 500. Won some money playing cash, so overall a slight loser for the week.

Sick part was that if Atlantic City casinos issued tax forms based on the actual payouts, we would have made a 24 handed deal with everyone but the chip leader taking around 8500-9000 and the massive chip leader taking twice that much and the bracelet. This worked out to somewhat better than 7th place money for everyone else and slightly above 4th place for the chip leader. I even offered to take the 73K 1st place tax form for a slight consideration from everyone, but that still left 38K, 20K, etc., so no deal.

No major hands - best resuck was when I was all in with QQ vs AQ and A7. A on the flop, Q on the river to stay alive.

Saw someone make a ridiculous move when we were 25 handed. The chip leader was basically calling any single raise below 50K with any 1 broadway card in his hand, and if he had a King, he LOVED it. He was also hitting every freakin flop. But, when he raised, he actually had a hand. Blinds are 4K-8K with a 1K ante. Under the gun, who has approximately 240K (average stack is around 150K at this point), makes it 40K to go. The chip leader (who has around 550K), and the only person at the table who can felt him, makes it 140K, basically committing himself if the original raiser pushes in. The original raiser does push in and turns over the premium hand of A2 SOOTED. Chip leader's pocket 9's hold up and he now has a little over 800K.

Last hand I played was folded to me on the button and I pushed in for about 60K with A9 SOOTED. Chip leader is the small blind and looks at K5 offsuit, says "I LOVE this hand (he wasn't joking)." and calls. Big blind calls as well, but never showed his hand. Flop comes KQ9, no help on turn or river, and IGHN. Note that I'm not saying it was a bad call, just liked the comment about LOVING the hand.

AFAIK, they actually never made a deal, and the chip leader (at the time) wound up coming in 3rd, so actually made a little more than the deal offered, but didn't get the bracelet.

I hate that I'm not in Vegas right now (long story), but hopefully can get there.

Going back on Thursday to try to win my way into the 5K event which starts on Sunday.

Saw spidurman rooling the 2-5 no limit game at the Borgata.
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Funny e-mail from the PPA (Poker Players Alliance) [May. 21st, 2008|12:11 am]
Bartholomew Simpson
Basically a membership drive e-mail.

But the funny part was (my emphasis)

More benefits are coming soon, and this offer will not be sent to you again.

I would mortgage my house if I was able to bet over 0.5 times that this will be sent again.

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Most ridiculous room offer ever from Harrah's [May. 14th, 2008|12:47 pm]
Bartholomew Simpson
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

Harrah's AC is having tournaments this coming week.  I had an offer on-line, but when I tried to book, it said the offer id wasn't a valid id (this, despite the fact that I'm clicking through from their links to the offer, I'm not entering a number, so no typo).

So, I call, and get told the following:

The reason it won't let me book on-line, and even the phone agent can't book it, is that this can only be booked if I show up and THEN book the room in person after talking with the poker room manager.

They can't even confirm if there are still rooms available.

So, I'm supposed to show up, with NO reservation or guarantee of a room, and then POSSIBLY be able to get a room.

Is it me, or is this ridiculous?

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Just passed the 50 pound mark [May. 8th, 2008|07:25 pm]
Bartholomew Simpson

My high point was 435.

I just weighed in at 382.2

While I didn't get on The Biggest Loser, I did enter Will Fallia's weight loss contest for 2500 a person (weighed in at 396.6).  AFAIK, there's 12 or 13 of us in it, and I really think that only 2 or 3 of us are going to take it seriously.

So, going on the South Beach diet (which I've talked to my nutrionist about and she's in favor).  Also, while on the same diet a couple of years ago, I lost 80 pounds over 4 months doing virtually no exercise whatsoever.

Final weigh-in is July 13.

So far, just eating healthy and walking 1-2 miles almost every day.

Regarding poker - the beats keep coming - enough said.

Will keep everyone updated.

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TBL - just the poker video [Apr. 18th, 2008|12:24 pm]
Bartholomew Simpson
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |East Bound and Down]

This a part of the application for applying to be on The Biggest Loser.  This just shows a clip of a poker game where we are betting with food.

Here's a link to the file:

The file is 11 MB in size and about a minute and a half (1:29) long.


Clicking on the link will bring up a screen where you have to enter a 3 character code (near the upper right).

Then a second screen will appear and you will have to wait 45 seconds for the free download link to appear (you will see a timer counting down).

Despite the verbiage on the screen saying how much better the premium download is, it then downloads fine.

You will need quicktime to view the video.  If you don't have quicktime, you can get it here:


Look on the left, where it says Download the free player.
If you don't want, or already have, itunes, click the second button that is just for quicktime.  Uncheck the two boxes asking if you want e-mails, and note that you don't have to enter an e-mail address before you hit the Free Download Now button.

Also, the video downloads as .m4v which is a mac extention (the person who did this did it on a mac). If you tell Windows to use quicktime to open the file, it works fine.  Or, you can rename the file to .mp4 and quicktime should recognize it.


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Poker reporting is less than good [Apr. 10th, 2008|12:43 pm]
Bartholomew Simpson
Anytime you read the online live reporting, or even the after-the-fact reporting, take it with a large grain of salt.

A lot of people I know laugh when they see the reports which were made based on hands in which they were involved.

For my part, my best one was when it was reported that I raised in middle position, when in fact, it was folded to me on the button, and I raised from the button. The amounts were also incorrect. About the only thing which was reported correctly was the outcome.

From the write-up regarding the recently ended 2008 Foxwoods Poker Classic:


After another 30 or so hands had passed, Katz found himself battling with the short stack. Katz raised from the cutoff to 110,000 and Richardson called from the big blind.

The flop came Qh 6s 5h

and Richardson led out for 140,000. Katz took some time thinking about his situation before announcing that he was all in.

Richardson instantly called showing

Kh 5h

for a flush draw. Katz showed the Qc Js and was a favorite to double up in the hand. The turn paired the board with the 6 taking away a few outs from Richardson, but the river was the K giving him the higher pair and sending Katz to the rail in fifth place. Katz took home $151,811 for his efforts, by far the largest cash of his young career.


So apparently the 5h was both on the board and in someone's hand.

It will be interesting to see what the actual hand was during the broadcast.
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